Fathers and Daughters

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We have three boys, ages 22,25,and 28. They are all delightful. Then we have the baby girl on the end. She is 20 years old and in college now but she’ll always be the baby girl. Her brothers adored her when she was born. Now that they are all older they rely on her for advice on haircuts, clothes, and engagement rings. It makes my heart melt when I remember her being asked to go engagement ring shopping with two of her brothers. One of my greatest joys as a mother is to see my kids have close adult relationships. I love my relationship with her because she is a mini-me and we enjoy so many of the same things. One of the best relationships in our family to watch is the relationship that my husband has with our daughter. My husband is a quiet man for the most part and he can usually be found in his recliner at the end of a very long day. Somehow, quietly, they have carved out a...

I Tried

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I Tried July 13, 2016July 12, 2016 ~ maidofcotton ~ Edit I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  It is a great source of inspiration for some.  For me, it is like an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.  It all looks good when you are walking through the line but the reality is if you try to eat everything you put on your plate you are going to feel overwhelmed. This leads me to the picture above.  I saw via Pinterest the most adorable little birdfeeder made from a cup and saucer, tied with a charming piece of twine.  I had an odd cup and saucer set and I even made a special trip to JoAnn’s for twine, y’all.  This was huge.  A special, off my beaten path trip for twine.  I was just imagining how charming this little feeder was going to look hanging just outside the window over my sink.  I was even imagining Disney-type bluebirds flying with ribbons in their little beaks. The instructions...

Here I Go

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This is my first post.  I started this blog 16 days ago and everyday since then I get a notice that tells me that it has been 16 days since anything has happened. The notice taunts me everyday when I log onto Facebook while I am seated in my recliner with my diet Coke watching another marathon of the same HGTV Fixer Upper shows that I have seen at least 23 times each. (Dear HGTV, please ramp up the production of this show so I can have some new episodes to watch. Or better yet, please consider giving me my own show.) Maid of Cotton is going to be a place where I write my thoughts about anything I want. It is going to be about growing up in the South, specifically Memphis. It is going to be the place I write about being a mother to four now grown children, being married to the man I have been married to 31 years whom I jokingly call my First Husband just to keep him on his toes. I may...