Grief and Christmas

By on Dec 20, 2016 |

Countdown. 4 days until Christmas. Thoughts of Christmases past flash through my mind. Small children out of their minds with excitement and trying so hard to be “good” to atone for their “bad” behavior since the last Christmas and hoping that Santa has a short memory. The excitement of waiting at the top of the stairs waiting for the all clear to come down to see what Santa left. Of course, as the four kids turned into young adults the excitement changed into cherishing the memories of their younger selves and the traditions that had always been part of the holiday. Two years ago, we awoke on Christmas morning with four young adults. This year, two are married, one is in college, and one is in Heaven. It is definitely a different kind of holiday this year. There doesn’t seem to be a need to make a bunch of sweets when two of the three living in this house watch their carbs. No one...

Grief and the Holidays

By on Dec 10, 2016 |

It’s the Christmas and holiday season.  Everywhere I have gone since Thanksgiving, Christmas has been everywhere.  The Salvation Army Ringers are outside Hobby Lobby so it is For Real Official.  Putting up all of the decorations, ornaments, buying gifts, and  planning holiday meals remind me of Christmases past and happy times.  We also have another happy occasion coming up this particular December.  Our #3 son is getting married the week before Christmas.  The date has been set since spring and we have been looking forward to this special time in his life. It’s been 9 weeks since our oldest son passed away.  So now what?  How am I going to handle the month of December?  It clearly isn’t an ordinary December. I always send Christmas cards out the week after Thanksgiving.  I know everyone doesn’t do that as much as they used to but I still send out cards.  I always love to write...