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Other people’s dreams are so boring…but I am going to share this one with you anyway.

My 29 year old son passed away on October 1st. This past week was particularly hard because on November 1st, it was a reminder all day long that one month had passed. He passed away late in the evening on October 1st. So all day long on November 1st, I made myself sick wondering if he had a good day on October 1. Was the sun shining? Did he play tennis? Did he have a great day? I hated thinking all of those things but I couldn’t make myself stop thinking about it. To a mother, no matter their age, they are still your baby, their bodies just got bigger.

Yesterday, early Sunday morning before waking up for the day, I had a dream. In the dream a non-descript woman in white said, “Come with me.” I asked her where we were going. She said, “You will see.” Together, we walked down an empty hall. We turned a corner. There was a long hallway. No doors, no windows, there was just a long hall with nothing but a white light at the end. I saw a young man walking toward me. As he got closer, I realized it was my son. “Hey Will!”, I said with the excitement you say to someone that you are totally surprised to see. He replied with equal excitement, “Hey Mom!” It was literally his voice!

He was wearing a tan, wool sports coat, a pristine white dress shirt open at the neck and a pair of dress pants. His hair was so neatly groomed and he was clean shaven. His face and body looked perfectly beautiful in every way. He had the most beautiful smile and a profound sense of peace surrounding him. I looked at the beauty of it all incredulous that he looked so perfect, so incredibly handsome. He was standing tall and confident. It was truly the most magnificent sight. Then as suddenly as he came, he left.

Immediately following this sight, a man , non descript in his 60’s, approached me. He said, “Hey, I saw Will today. At first, I wasn’t sure it was him because I have never seen him stand so tall, with broad, square shoulders, and with such confidence and peace. He looked so happy. Don’t worry about him. He is happy.”

Then I awakened. This dream was so unbelievably vivid. I feel so lucky that I have this extremely vivid mental image of him. It is one that I will cling to in hard times. When my husband awakened, I told him about the dream in detail. I repeated the dialogue and my husband began to cry. He said that my voice sounded exactly like Will’s when I said “Hey Mom”.

I truly feel that this was a heavenly visitation. By definition, in a spirit dream, a deceased loved one often enters the dream and is surrounded by some sort of light. In the dream while they talk to you, they usually offer some sort of comfort that they are okay, everything is peaceful, and they made it to the Other Side peacefully.

I felt at peace for the first time since October 1st. I know that there will be many low points for a while but I hope that I can quickly recapture the vivid mental picture of him standing tall, handsome, and at perfect peace.

Cindy Magee

Cindy Magee

Cindy Magee is a wife, mother, and blogger living in Jackson, Tennessee. Married to her husband, David, for 31 years, they have four children, three boys and a girl.Two of their sons are married and their daughter is in college.

She writes about life, death, grief, and recovery.
Cindy Magee

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